Although this Los Angeles band are heavily influenced by Kurt Cobain and Nirvana in both musical and writing styles, they bring a unique and exciting twist to the grunge genre. Simple song structures and haunting vocals give Pipe Season a lead in the field.

Suicide is an angel.mp3 Suicide is an angel.mp3
Size : 4.736 Kb
Type : mp3
Security Blanket.mp3 Security Blanket.mp3
Size : 3.813 Kb
Type : mp3
Amber Rain.mp3 Amber Rain.mp3
Size : 3.386 Kb
Type : mp3
Winter Godess.mp3 Winter Godess.mp3
Size : 4.105 Kb
Type : mp3

 For more songs and infomation please check out Pipe Seasons MySpace page.

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