A Record Company With More Will Than Power


 A group of internet grunge freaks with a dream to release music with only themselves to answer to. In a world full of music that doesn't inspire us, we have chosen to look back at an age of flannel, long-johns and chaos.

 Of course, a lot of time has passed since the heyday of Grunge, and we were all a tad too young (or in a few cases too stupid) to realise what was going on. But at least we're trying now! With new Alice In Chains and Pearl Jam records, Soundgarden reunion rumours, Green River gigs, we feel it's now or never. We are just us, being us.

 If you think you'd like to know more, join in, or just see where we are so you can avoid us, we generaly hang around at Grunge Forum. As well as using the amazing free promotion at MySpace, and we even have a Facebook page! It's all shiny new technology for us old timers!

The Shop 

 The shop is up and running. Be sure to look in and keep checking back.

Watch This Space

 Bet your dying to hear something now. Well you and me both, buster. Check back to hear what I can bleed out of the others! And you want to know what we look like? Come on dude, you might be pushing it there...


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